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Filmmaker . Cinematography . Stuntman

Work hard dream big.

Swiss based but quite often in the UK, I always been interested in filmmaking and martial arts. I remember asking myself if these two passions could be complementary or mixed... A few years ago I decided to get back at university, learn filmmaking and train in order to get into the stunt industry. 


Now, freelance filmmaker in Switzerland, Stunt performer around the world, and member of the prestigious Andy Long Stunt team, I'm a big action movie passionate. My past experience as a swiss soldier helped me in the stunt industry especially in firearms handling.


I make the most out of what I learn from each projects, applying it in directing my own action movie and building a subtile mix between action sequences and storytelling. I'm also part of a Xtreme martial art show team (Team STAMA) with which I competed around the world and won several world title.


My dream is to mix up my two passions and create an action / stunt industry in Switzerland as a filmmaker.

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